Jamie is a developer-turned-businessman

Known for dominating Magento and throwing superlatives into every sentence, I’m primarily somebody that got tired of seeing so many agencies producing poor work, treating their clients like the last priority and seeing no-one around me enjoying what they did each day.

To combat this I created JH, an agency that puts the culture of being happy and interested first. We focus heavily on loving what we do, caring about every detail throughout the project lifespan and working with clietns at all steps throughout our process.

Key things you should know

In 2010 I published Magento 1.3: PHP Developer’s Guide which was only the second Magento development book to be released for the system and remains one of the highest sold books about Magento.

Since 2013 i’ve sat on the Nottingham Creative Quarter Loan Panel, where I help advise toward load directions on business in Nottingham looking for additional funding to take their businessess forward.


  • JH making great websites happen.
  • Medium writing articles.
  • Twitter posting thoughts