Let’s make your website truly awesome — let’s make it an eleven.

You can work with me via JH, my web agency in Nottingham, UK. We deliver phenomenal websites, specialising in Magento solutions. We love our clients and treat their business as if it was our own, going the extra mile to ensure our service is beyond other ‘run-of-the-mill’ agencies.


JH in a nutshell.

Unlike other agencies, we only work with a few clients at a time. This ensures unbelievable results because we can dedicate our team to projects for extended periods of time.

Therefore, we look for clients with interesting challenges and the desire to build a long-term relationship together.

Five Things We Believe In

  1. Passion

    Passion for your own product.

    We want to see you passionate about your brand, where it's been and where it wants to go. We'll be your advocates for life and we want to see that from you too.

  2. Learning

    Readiness to share and to learn.

    If we're working in ecommerce across several sectors all week long, we want to share this knowledge with you to better your business. You'll need to be ready for ideas and feedback.

  3. Thinking

    Thinking about today and tomorrow.

    You should be planning for the long-term. Iterations over time based on feedback and market trends to constantly improve the user's experience should be key.

  4. Building

    Building relationships, not just websites.

    We're here to know as much about you as possible and want to talk to you often to ensure we're always up-to-date. You shouldn't be scared of laughing and joking on the phone.

  5. Collaboration

    Time and energy to collaborate.

    We don't work in the typical fashion of being given a list of items to-do and completing them. We like to discuss the best next steps and agree these together. You'll need time for this.

Who We’ve Worked With

  1. NHS
  2. The FA
  3. Nivea
  4. Nottingham City Council
  5. Made.com
  6. Hotels.com
  7. Sunspel
  8. Apress

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